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My dream bedroom

My bedroom is the most personal part of our house. It is where I can do crazy stuffs, emote on my own and be out of my mind. When I dream about bed room I want it to be something… Continue Reading →

Friday Funny

Man!!! Im gonna get teary eyed “cries” Can we take one minute of silence for the duck song Here is a video of a kid saying he likes Turtles! I like turtles to man. We all go through hard times…. Continue Reading →

Top 10 christmas

1.The worst christmas song of all is I want a hippopotamus by Gayla Peevey.   Click here 2.Cinnamon glazed                   3. MY LEAST FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE IS THE GRINCH. click here 4.  Something… Continue Reading →

My word art

Here are some words to describe me.

Guess who I am

Click me   Can you guess who I am?  Put your guess in the comments.

Tony and dominiks podcast

click here

Pros and cons about middle school

Three cons of middle school is 1st The halls are always crowded in the passing periods 2nd The lunch lines are crowded if you don’t get to the lunch room fast enough 3rd You get a lot of homework  … Continue Reading →

Guest Blog ( Tony)

Hey everyone it is Tony From Da Normal Blog! I am doing a guest write on My daily Life.  Idk what im supposed to write about because Dom decided to leave me to my mindless head, so im gonna talk… Continue Reading →

personality quizzes

My first quiz I was a quiz about which us president you are and I got Thomas Jefferson. My next personality quiz I did the dinosaur quiz and i got velociraptor.   And my final personality quiz was cute baby… Continue Reading →

My name

I got my name because my parents watched the fast and furious movie and my mom thought vin diesel was a really good looking guy and also my mom and dad wanted me to have a name that is not… Continue Reading →

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